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Saint Seiya D.D.Panoramation Action Figure Virgo Shaka 10 cm

Bandai Tamashii Nations

  • €5599

A dynamic new Saint Seiya brand from TAMASHII NATIONS that combines signature articulated action figures with panoramic connectible structures and effects! Third in the series line-up is the powerful Gold Saint, Virgo Shaka. Set includes an interchangeable face part, mask, bang parts for mask, interchangeable hands (x2), lotus stage, gate piece, base (x2), steps, support arm, clip (small), and structure parts on runner.

The diorama base can be combined with the base of Phoenix Ikki (BTN05207-4, sold separately) to recreate various action scenes.


Figurine articulée taille env. 10 cm avec accessoires. Modèle de la collection D.D.Panoramation disposant d´un système d´articulation avancé, fabriqué par Tamashii Nations.

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