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Girls und Panzer der Film Plastic Model Kit 1/20 PLAMAX MF-16 minimum factory Katyusha & Nonna 11 cm

Max Factory

  • €3999

The characters from GIRLS und PANZER are joining the minimum factory series of cast-color separated plastic models that anybody can easily put together! From GIRLS und PANZER der Film comes Pravda Girls High School's team commander Katyusha sitting on the shoulders of the vice-commander Nonna's shoulders!
The plastic model kit features five different color molds as well as eye decals, and when put together creates a lovely little palm-sized figure of the two characters for fans to enjoy! Be sure to add the first in the GIRLS und PANZER minimum factory series to your collection!


Figurine articulée à assembler, taille env. 11 cm avec accessoires. Ne nécessite pas de peinture mais peut être customisé à volonté!

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